Version 4.5.7 of BBO introduces the usual array of minor features and bugfixes, as well as a new Convention Card facility. Please drop us a line at if you need help.

Small things

Brave new feature (Scary new thing)

BBO now supports something we call a 'Full Disclosure' convention card. The idea is this: you use FD to describe your system, and it automatically pops up explanations for the table when a bid is made. Actually, it does this before a bid is made as well, so you can choose the bid that fits your hand.

Before we go any further: you can use the original convention card system if you wish. Click the CONV button as usual -- a new menu will pop up -- and select "Show old style convention card window."

FD is an enhancement, not a replacement for the Convention Cards we've all learned to simultaneously love and loathe.

Creating an FD card takes a lot of effort and patience. An FD card attempts to assign meanings to sequences. It is simple in principle but there are a lot of possible sequences.

We have created -- with the invaluable help of several volunteers whose names will be familiar to many of you -- stock FD cards for SAYC, French Std, WJ2005, ACOL, BBOITA, Goren and BBO Advanced. We have defined several conventions that can be grafted onto these cards. We are pleased with what we have, but are sure that these cards will need to evolve (and they will).

To use an existing FD card while sitting at a table: click the CONV button. Select 'Work Convention Card'. Click OPEN. Select (say) SAYC. Click "USE Selected card". Close the FD window. Your bids will now be alerted and explained automatically to the opponents and to partner as they are made. We understand that this may offend some purists (who have never played in an Individual, presumably). FD has options to control whether you will see your Partner's explanations.

Creating an FD card is not yet for the faint of heart. We'll have to settle (for now) for this hint. Open a card: click the menu Settings and select Editor. After you save it, it will be visible in the list of FD cards.

And while you're here

BBO is a work in progress. These changes are for you, and we welcome feedback at I offer our thanks for your support, patience and feedback over the years.

Fred, Sheri, Uday. You can reach us at our email addresses.