This document explains how to create a BBO username for yourself.

If you run into any trouble, send an email to

Once you install BBO, you will see a shortcut on your desktop.
The shortcut looks like screenshot of shortcut.

Before you can use BBO, you need to create a username/password for yourself. This needs to be done only once. After you have created a username for yourself, you use it each time you log in, and you don't need to create another one.

Launch the software by double-clicking on the BBO shortcut on your desktop. Click Log In, then New Member. Follow these instructions if you need more help.

Here are some common problems and resolutions

I see a message saying "That username is already taken"
Try again, using a different username. There are lots of BBO users, and it is likely that most of the common names have been grabbed by other players.
I don't want to fill out my real name, etc.
Use an alias, or type something meaningless into the full name/email address fields.

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