This document explains how to get started with Bridge Base Online. We assume that you have a PC running some flavour of Windows, and a working Internet connection.

If you run into any trouble, send an email to

The overall process looks like this.

  1. Download and install BBO. This step needs to be done only once. The installation process will create a shortcut to BBO on your desktop. It is not sufficient to simply download the software. You need to install it as well.
    Click here for help with installation
    Click here to download BBO
  2. Launch BBO by double-clicking the shortcut on your desktop (created in step 1) and create a username and password for yourself. A username is your unique BBO "handle", or "identity". This step also needs to be done only once.
    Click here for help with creating a username
  3. Launch BBO and play bridge. Once you have installed BBO, and setup a username/password for yourself, you are all set to go. Whenever you wish to play bridge, you launch BBO and "sign in" using the username/password you created in step 2.
    Click here for help with logging in